RMM Powershell Script Building

Setup Windows for Powershell Script testing and building for RMM.

Powershell Scripting for RMM

The idea behind this post is to document a way to setup a build environment for building Powershell scripts running via RMM.


  • Create a ‘scripts’ folder at the root of C:\
  • Download PS Tools
  • Place the file PsExec.exe in the ‘scripts’ folder you created.
  • Create your scripts in the same folder.
  • Install VSCode with the Powershell extension.
  • Verify you’re testing your scripts with Powershell 5.1.

Getting Started

RMM Systems such as TacticalRMM use the System account to run their scripts. In order to run under a user context you must use a built-in method with your RMM or use the RunAsUser Powershell module.

  • Open a Powershell window as Admin.
  • Navigate to the root of C:\ and enter the scripts folder.
  • Launch a new Powershell window as System using PsExec.
.\PsExec -i -s "powershell.exe"
  • In the new window navigate to our C:\scripts directory.
  • Verify we are running as System

Output should look like the following.

nt authority\system
  • We are now ready to start scripting.

All scripts and testing should be done from the Powershell window running in the system context.